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TELOS publishes many different journals regularly. And the journals that are part of the TELOS publications cover many different fields of science and engineering. It is through this huge coverage of different topics and fields in science that TELOS has gained a huge readership. All of the journals that are published by TELOS have got both a digital and physical print edition. The digital print editions of the TELOS journals are all interactive, and they feature, different kinds of data and chart that readers may interact with. The print edition of the TELOS journals also provides a lot of necessary and useful supplementary data to the digital edition as well. So it would be well worth it to subscribe to TELOS publications because you can get two different editions of our many journals in the sciences.

Traditionally, computer science has been only used to refer to the actual study if the software and hardware of computers. But due to recent developments in the field of computer science, it is also used to refer to the study of interconnected and embedded systems, and more recently also has included the field of robotics and robot intelligence as well. It is due to these recent developments that computer science has exploded as a field in the past few years. And with many more technological advancements that are coming, it is obvious that there are going to be new horizons to discover as they relate to computer science.

Our Publications


One of imprint publications that TELOS produces deals with physics. Through this journal in physics, readers would be able to learn all about the different kinds of developments in this field of science. Quantum physicists and astrophysicists would be able to understand all sorts of things in their respective fields because the physics journal at TELOS would be able to give them the latest developments in all branches of physics.


The TELOS journal of mathematics is going to cover both practical and theoretical aspects of math. This would mean that researchers, teachers, mathematicians, and many people working in different fields would be able to benefit from reading the TELOS journal of mathematics.


The different fields of engineering would also be included in the TELOS journal as well. This would include structural engineering or the study of the engineering of buildings. To engineering fields such as industrial engineering, this is the study of the manufacturing and industrial processes of the modern world.


From electronics to computers, TELOS also has a journal that covers many different aspects of technology. The technological fields of various kinds of industries will be examined and recorded with the journal that is published on this website. If you are a reader who wants to stay on top of the latest technological developments, it would be best to read the technology journal of TELOS.


Biologists would also find the TELOS journal extremely invaluable. This is because all of the latest developments in the field of the science of life is going to be included in this TELOS journal.


The world of molecules and chemistry is also explored in one of the journals of TELOS. This journal on chemistry would be invaluable to those working in both research and practical fields of chemistry. It is through the chemistry journal of TELOS that readers would be able to keep abreast of all of the latest developments in this branch of science.

Social Sciences

TELOS also publishes a journal in the social sciences as well. The main focus on social science that TELOS has is in economics. As a field of sciences, the readers of the TELOS economics journal would see the latest predictions and graphs for finances.