What is engineering?

The study of engineering refers to a set of fields and branches in the sciences, which refer to the various studies done on manufacturing, design, and construction. It is a very technical field that is closely related to many industrial and manufacturing industries. And it is because of these close ties to many industries and fields, engineering is one of the most popular science fields that are taken at the university level. The word engineering is actually from a French root word, which means “genius”. And people were often called this kind of word because engineers were thought to be geniuses for building such complex structures and buildings. People in the past used to call the work of an engineer as an art, and it is because of that difficulty and complexity in engineering, that many people have looked up to engineers. In fact, engineering, as a branch of science and math, has had a long history. And due to that long history, the field of engineering has diversified and blossomed into many different fields.

There are numerous fields in the world of engineering. And each of these fields touches upon different kinds of topics and things in different industries as well. For example, there are branches of engineering that are mainly concerned with different kinds of buildings and construction. That kind of engineering is called a structural engineer. And structural engineers study buildings and materials; they would even dabble in some physics or geology as well. Other kinds of engineers would focus on industrial manufacturing. Those industrial engineers would try to focus more on streamlining the manufacturing process, and also improving the products that are manufactured. There are also engineers that are really focused on studying and improving the designs of things. Those design engineers are some of the varied kind of engineering fields since they combine both the fields of the arts and sciences. There would even be engineers who are focused on researching and studying chemical processes. Chemical engineers are a very specialized field of engineering because they are studying two fields of science, which are chemistry and engineering. Chemical engineers would try to find new ways to formulate all new different kinds of compounds and molecules. All of these fields that have been enumerated here, is just a small fraction of the different branches engineering.

More About Engineering

Since engineering, is an extremely diversified field of science, it has also got a lot of practical applications in the world. You would hardly find any kind of structure or object in this world that is not a product of engineering. The science of engineering is an extremely integral part of the modern world. Without engineering, many of the day to day processes of living in this modern world would not be possible. It is thanks to engineering that electricity is flowing into your home and that you can fly anywhere that you want in the world. Even the food that you eat is a product of advances in engineering. So this would make engineering, one of the culminations of humankind’s quest for advancement in the field of science.