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Contact us through this form if you have got any further questions for TELOS publications. We would do our best to answer you queries in as a timely manner as possible. But please do be aware that we may take some time to answer your message or email, as we have also got to sort through numerous other messages from other readers as well. We do promise to look through your message carefully once we do get around to reading it. And rest assured that we will also be answering your message quite carefully as well.

Let Us Know

If you would like to get a subscription to a journal or a book from TELOS publications, then please do send us a message. Please include your email address and physical address as well. So that we may know where to send the digital and physical copies of our publications to. It would be best if you first asked for more details about the publications that TELOS produces. TELOS currently produces different types of publications that cover several different fields and topics, such as those in engineering, technology, mathematics, and sciences. So it would be best to know beforehand which kind of publication that you are going to request before you message us.

For anyone that wants to submit their own content to TELOS different publications, you may also send us a message here. Please take some time to think carefully about your submission. And we would also do some back and forth negotiations, before finally deciding on whether or not to publish your submission.