Computer Science

Short Summary

Computer science is a scientific field that encompasses many different topics. It is both referring to the technical and industrial applications of automatic information processing, also called computing. And it is also referring to the research and technological developments that have been done over the past few years, which is all related to computing. These automated computing processes are usually done by computer programs or machines. And therefore the study of computer science covers both that of software and hardware. It is true that computer science can cover a whole lot of different topics. But for this summary, only a brief overview of this field of science will be covered.

Traditionally, computer science has been only used to refer to the actual study if the software and hardware of computers. But due to recent developments in the field of computer science, it is also used to refer to the study of interconnected and embedded systems, and more recently also has included the field of robotics and robot intelligence as well. It is due to these recent developments that computer science has exploded as a field in the past few years. And with many more technological advancements that are coming, it is obvious that there are going to be new horizons to discover as they relate to computer science.

Branches Of Computer Science

The scope of the field of computer sciences can also be generally divided into two branches. These branch categories are theoretical computer science and practical computer science. In truth, there is not much difference between these two branches of computer science. Since each field may borrow liberally from another field of computer science. But to make it easier to understand computer science as a whole, it would be more simple to divide the field of computer science into two branches. These branches of computer science are practical and theoretical.

Practical Computer Science

Practical computer science is more focused on the implementation of specific kinds of computer technologies.

Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical computer science is mostly concerned with the concepts and the models that are being used to develop the field of computer science. Within these fields of computer science, there are also numerous sub-branches as well.

Computer Programming

One of those sub-branches of computer science is computer programming. In this sub-branch of computer science, the language of computers is learned. Computer language theory is the field of computer science that seeks to make more effective and powerful computer programs, through the use of programming language. This is generally the most accessible field of computer science that is taught, with many people coming into computer science through computer language and programming. This branch of computer science has got a lot of practical uses, from mobile applications to full desktop operating systems.

There are other areas of computer science that are more esoteric and thus more abstract. This is mainly due to the complexity of the subjects with these sub-fields of computer science. And these fields of computer science can include the algorithms behind the computer programs, and a whole lot more.