Computational Economics and Finance: Modeling and Analysis with Mathematica ®


Hal Varian, Editor
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California


This collection of articles edited by Hal Varian provides a high quality and practical selection of contributed articles that impart the expertise of an international contingent of Mathematica users from the economic, financial, investments, quantitative business and operations research communitites. This work breaks new ground and builds upon an earlier, highly successful, collection of contributed aricles, also edited by Hal Varina, "Economics and Financial Modeling with Mathematica. The disk that comes with the book can be used immediately by the reader. More importantly, these tools can be used as a basis for your own exploration of Mathematica.

1996/320 pages/Hardcover/Includes 3.5" diskette
ISBN 0-387-94518-0

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System Requirements

The diskette is compatible with NEXTSTEP, DOS, Windows, Macintosh and most UNIX computer systems. Mathematica 2.0 or higher is recommended to fully utilize disk contents.

MathReader is a freely available program that will allow you to read (and print) any Mathematica notebook on most computer platforms.

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About the Editor

Hal Varian is the coordinating editor and a contributing author for this project. He is the Dean of the School of Information Management and Systems, University of California, Berkeley.

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