TELOS, THE ELECTRONIC LIBRARY OF SCIENCE is an imprint of Springer-Verlag New York. Its publishing program encompasses the natural and physical sciences, computer science, mathematics, economics and engineering. All TELOS publications have a computational orientation to them, as TELOS' primary publishing strategy is to wed the traditional print medium with the emerging new electronic media in order to provide the reader with a truly interactive multimedia information environment. To achieve this, every TELOS publication delivered on paper has an associated electronic component. This can take the form of book/diskette combinations, book/CD-ROM packages, books delivered via networks, electronic journals, newsletters, plus a multitude of other exciting possibilities. Since TELOS is not committed to any one technology, any delivery medium can be considered. We also do not foresee the imminent demise of the paper book, or journal, as we know them. Instead, we believe paper and electronic media can coexist side-by-side, since both offer valuable means by which to convey information to consumers.

The range of TELOS publications extends from research level reference works to textbook materials for higher education audiences, practical handbooks for working professionals, and broadly accessible science, computer science, and high technology general interest publications. Many TELOS publications are interdisciplinary in nature, and most are targeted for the individual buyer, which dictates that TELOS publications be affordably priced.

Of the numerous definitions of the Greek word "telos," the one most representative of our publishing philosophy is "to turn," or "turning point." We perceive the establishment of the TELOS publishing program to be a significant step forward towards attaining a new plateau of high quality information packaging and dissemination in the interactive learning environment of the future.

TELOS welcomes you to join us in the exploration and development of this exciting frontier as a reader and user, an author, editor, consultant, strategic partner, or in whatever other capacity one might imagine.

TELOS, The Electronic Library of Science
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