About Us


This is the official website of the electronic archive, TELOS. TELOS, which stands for The Electronic Library of Science, is a subsidiary company of Springer-Verlag in New York. And The Electronic Library of Science specializes in publications that are geared towards mathematics, computer science, engineering, and economics as well. The sciences that we cover include natural and physical sciences. So through our library people are able to read about topics such as biology, chemistry, physics, and many other science-related fields. The mathematics topics that TELOS will cover would also include theoretical and practical maths, which can include statistics and economics. Whatever kind of subject it is, as long as it is related to computer science, science in general, or mathematics, we would have it within our electronic library.

Our Goal

Is to provide you with the best content possible. That’s why we accept submissions from freelance writers. If you or someone you know what’s to get their articles published then feel free to have them submitted to our site. Our staff will review the content and if it meets our standards then it will be published.

Make sure to visit our site and visit it regularly. That’s because we’re constantly uploading new content for you to enjoy. We hope to provide interesting and helpful content for all of our readers. There are various ways we do that. For example, we offer content from different publications and on different subjects. Not only that but we’re constantly adding new content so you’ll have the latest content about different subjects.

Another plus of our site is that it’s totally free. You won’t have to spend any money to access high-quality content about several different topics. This is a feature that isn’t provided by all Latino news sites so it’s something to consider when looking for online content.

Our Commitment

TELOS is also committed to publishing in the physical print world as well. We do not foresee any decline or demise of the physical form of books or academic journals. We think that the market and demand for physical print books and journals is still going to remain strong. Our belief here at TELOS is that both digital and physical print mediums can coexist together, and these two different kinds of print mediums may even complement each other as well. So it is our goal to offer more value to your readers and consumers, through offering two different kinds of editions of the books and journals that we publish. The two journals that we publish are going to offer a lot more value and information to any readers and subscribers to the TELOS archive and publications.

Range of Publications

TELOS has a range of different publications that cover entry-level research work to more textbook materials for science, technology, and mathematics. Thus, the journal that is published by TELOS is going to work great as a handbook for professionals. And it would also serve as a great supplementary tool for students of any field covering science, technology or mathematics. All of our publications are inter-disciplinary. So this would mean that there is a mix of all of the different fields that are being mentioned. So anyone working in several different industries and fields would benefit from reading TELOS publications and books.

Benifits of STEM

Mathematicians, economics, scientists, engineers, educators, and many other people working in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields are going to benefit a lot from reading TELOS journals and publications. If you work in the STEM profession or teach STEM at a university or school, you would be able to get a lot of useful information from TELOS. If you want to stay up to date with all of the most relevant information in the world of science, engineering, mathematics and technology, then TELOS is the journal for you. With TELOS, you would be able to read all about the newest developments and latest news about what is happening in your specific field. And you would be able to know how to stay on top of everything that is going on the in your specific field, thanks to TELOS.

More of TELOS

Aside from the acronym of TELOS meaning The Electronic Library of Science, TELOS is also derived from a Greek world. “Telos” in Greek refers to the turning point of an event. And thus TELOS’ philosophy and goal are also to become the turning point for the digital publishing world as well. We aim to provide as complete as information as possible to our readers, in the realm of digital and print publications. TELOS is the first of its kinds, delivering both a digital and print edition of its journal. And TELOS is also one of the first interdisciplinary digital journals being published as well.